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The RupeePay is an Indian payment service owned and operated by the National Payments Corporation of India NPCI. It has been around since 2012 and is under the supervision of the Reserve Bank of India, which gives it the mandate to issue a multilateral payment system. How RupeePay works can be likened to UPI with interconnected links of financial services across India. Almost all Indian banks and financial institutions use it as an electronic payment system.

For instance, about 100 million Indian Rupees were transacted through RupeePay in 2019. Some of the biggest online companies like Uber and Amazon are part of RupeePay’s client list.

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How to make a deposit with RupeePay

How to make a deposit with RupeePay

As fully-functional mobile banking, RupeePay allows customers to top up their accounts with SMS Recharge (DHT) and other online recharge methods. Users often receive exclusive benefits after recharging. Then they use the credit to shop online, pay bills, and send money to their peers without any limitation, be it geographical or usage.

For this reason, many sportsbetting sites have incorporated this banking method to make it easier for Indian players. This guide offers step-by-step guides for depositing and withdrawing funds using RupeePay in an online sports betting platform.

RuPeePay has millions of customers in India, making it a prominent payment method for an online betting website. Most Indians love to bet on cricket, and this section will show them how to deposit with Rupeepay. Before choosing a sportsbook accepting RupeePay, one must have an account with the payment provider. Registration can be done on a free mobile app or the company’s website. The RupeePay App is available on Google Play Store. Once installed, it will be ready for top-up and use at an online bookie.

Recharging a RupeePay account should not be a problem as there are numerous recharge points in India. Examples of mobile recharge operators include Airtel, Vodafone, and Reliance. DTH and data recharge only require an SMS to top up the account. It is also possible to connect a RupeePay account to an Indian bank account. One of the easiest checkout options when making a RupeePay deposit is NetBanking.

Steps to deposit using RupeePay

After setting up a RupeePay account, the next thing is to find a trustworthy sportsbook that will accept a deposit with Rupeepay. Here is how to fund a betting account.

  1. Log in to the relevant RupeePay sports betting account
  2. Go to the payments or cashier page and click on the deposit shortcut
  3. Choose RupeePay and specify the amount to transfer to the sports betting site
  4. Follow the instructions and confirm the deposit

The transaction timeframe is literally instantaneous, so the player doesn’t have to wait too long to start online betting with Rupeepay. Those who deposit with RupeePay for sports betting do not pay any additional costs. The minimum deposit amount depends on the bookmaker but normally stands at 500 INR (about 7 USD). The maximum limit is also up to the betting provider.

How to make a deposit with RupeePay
How to make a withdrawal with RupeePay

How to make a withdrawal with RupeePay

RupeePay is generally accepted in India, so it makes sense to withdraw sportsbetting winnings through this method. Before requesting to cash out, it is important to fulfill the wagering requirements and the withdrawal limits. The minimum and maximum limits are determined by the sportsbook. Smartphone users can initiate payouts without a problem because the RupeePay app is mobile-ready.

A RupeePay withdrawal is typically the opposite of making a deposit.

  1. From the cashier section, the bettor selects RupeePay as the withdrawal method (it should be the default option if it were used in the last deposit)
  2. The player enters the winnings they wish to redeem into cash from their betting balance
  3. They confirm the amount and enter their password

RupeePay withdrawal options

Depending on the online sportsbook, the withdrawal process can take one to three working days. The money will be credited to the customer’s RupeePay account. Alternatively, they can utilize NetBanking to have the money directly deposited into their bank account. NetBanking allows access to over 61 domestic banks.

If a RupeePay player chooses NetBanking for withdrawal, the process will take a slightly different course. First, they will need to choose their specific bank from a new page that will pop up. Then they need to log in with their NetBanking ID and confirm the transaction with an OTP sent to their phone number. A message will be sent immediately if the withdrawal goes through successfully.

RupeePay works well for high-rollers who are more likely to win huge sums of money. The method has no limits and can receive large amounts of money without involving a bank. Once a withdrawal request has been approved, the player can request cash to be delivered to a specific address. They get a unique voucher, which acts as an invoice to track the movement of funds.

How to make a withdrawal with RupeePay
Safety and security at RupeePay

Safety and security at RupeePay

Besides convenience and zero transaction fees, another reason RupeePay is popular in India is strong security. It is a safer option for Indian punters who do not have credit cards or e-wallets. It is also ideal for VIP sports bettors who don’t want to use their bank accounts for gambling. RupeePay is secured by robust encryption technology, ensuring no confidential information leaks to third parties.

Being an associate of the NCPI, RupeePay is constantly developing its cyber security landscape. It follows stringent data protection mechanisms to ensure a safe banking interface for merchants and customers. Thanks to perimeter security systems like web application firewalls, routing controls, secure proxy servers, Anti – Advanced Persistent Threat, secured switch configurations, and Anti-Distributed Denial of Service Solution, all banking information is safe from cyber threats.

Other security controls for RupeePay systems include SOC for curbing cyber attacks from external sources that may be targeting NPCI. Part of the access management solutions consists of 2-factor authentication, which is critical to protecting consumers from online fraud and identity theft. Periodically, RupeePay employs security monitoring tools to check for vulnerability and conduct penetration testing. Once identified, the risks are fixed through a secure software development lifecycle.

Safety and security at RupeePay
RupeePay customer support options

RupeePay customer support options

Customers need effective support should there be a payment issue. A digital experience is crucial when it comes to customer experience. Many sports bettors want platforms with quick response times to solve online transaction issues. They can contact RupeePay agents via:

  • Live chat
  • Email
  • Online contact form
  • FAQs

RupeePay stands out with customer care service, considering it has multiple communication channels. Moreover, their agents are always on standby to reply to customers who are sending inquiries via the RupeePay App. The app offers a live chat option where users can chat with customer care agents. It is available in both English and Indian language. The support team usually replies within a few minutes via live chat.

The email option is suitable for complex issues that can wait a few hours. Response time is usually 24 to 48 hours. Similarly, those who send inquiries through the online contact form should expect a reply via email within the same timeframe. On the other hand, the FAQ section is a good option for finding answers to typical issues that new users come across.

RupeePay customer support options
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