Table Tennis Betting

Any bettor out there knows that table tennis betting can be a fantastic way to make some extra money. The table tennis betting market is not as vast and complex as the football betting one, but it does have fans; lots of them, as a matter of fact.

It's no wonder that so many people are looking for sports betting tips or strategies to help them place more informed bets and beat sportsbooks. So, what does betting on this sport entail? This post takes a look at exactly that.

Table Tennis Betting
Best Table Tennis bettingTable Tennis betting odds
Best Table Tennis betting

Best Table Tennis betting

Table tennis betting is a recent development. It was probably first considered a real possibility back in the nineties, but it wasn't until around the 2000s that table tennis betting became more common and accepted.

The growth of online sportsbooks has been instrumental to table tennis betting becoming so popular nowadays. In particular, this is because sports betting sites offer markets on all the important table tennis tournaments and many minor competitions.

How to bet on Table Tennis: steps to follow

The table tennis betting process is as simple as it is for any other sport. The first step is to sign up for a sportsbook and make a deposit. Once that has happened, a punter can;

  • Choose a table tennis match to bet on
  • Browse the table tennis betting markets and choose the bet they want to place
  • Decide on how much money they want to risk on this particular wager
  • Confirm the bet

What Table Tennis bets are available?

The range of table tennis bets is not huge compared to other sports, but there are still a few interesting markets to explore. The most popular bet by far is the match-winner market - who will win the match? There are also other bets, including the following:

  • Totals: This betting market is available for almost all table tennis matches. It's a bet on the total number of points that will be scored in a table tennis match, and it can be either over or under the set total.
  • Handicap: This type of bet is offered when one player is considered a favorite over the other. The handicap bet gives the underdog a head start to make the match more exciting and competitive for table tennis betting fans.
Best Table Tennis betting
Table Tennis betting odds

Table Tennis betting odds

As with any other sport, table tennis betting odds are calculated by sportsbooks in order to make a profit. The bookmakers will set their own odds, which may not be the same as the ones offered by other sites. This is because they take into account a number of factors when setting their odds, including the following:

Players' current shape

This is especially important for table tennis betting, as one bad game can easily mean the difference between winning and losing a bet.


The competition can have a vital role to play when it comes to table tennis betting odds. For example, if two players are extremely close in terms of skills and ability, their match may end up with much more balanced odds than they would be in other circumstances.

Nature of the Tournaments

Some tournaments are more important than others, and this is reflected in the table tennis betting odds. The most prestigious tournaments will have higher odds, as they are more difficult to win. That's because they attract more table tennis betting talent, including star players who are usually considered favorites.

With many factors coming into play as far as odds are concerned, punters should make it a point to search the internet for sports betting tips. This will help them better understand the odds so they can make more informed decisions when it comes to table tennis betting.

Table Tennis betting odds