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In general terms, sports betting is the activity of putting bets on the estimated outcome of a sports event. The regularity of sports bet upon differs from culture to culture, but football seems to be the most popular sports people place bets upon.

Big casino operators in gambling today offer a mobile platform for their players as well. To put it simply, mobile sports betting is placing bets on your choice of sports event using mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets.

Now, more and more players each day can enjoy the comfort of wagering on sports via their mobile Android or iOS devices because the majority of the sports betting sites are mobile-friendly.

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Difference between Mobile and Regular Sports Betting

Difference between Mobile and Regular Sports Betting

You will recognize various differences whenever you shift from the desktop form of a betting site to the mobile form of a sports betting site. This definitely shouldn’t make you think that mobile betting sites are secondary in any way. Actually, each type of site is optimized for the device you will be using to play.

The following areas are where you will probably notice the biggest differences:

  • User interface: Since the desktop version of a sports betting site is created for a computer screen, it will include more features and will be simpler to navigate.
  • Special features: The special features offered on the desktop version of a sports betting site may not be available for the mobile version as mobiles don’t have as powerful processing as desktops have.
  • Button/text size: Expectedly, the button and text size on the mobile will be much smaller than on the desktop version of a sports betting site.
Difference between Mobile and Regular Sports Betting
Best Sports Games to Bet on Your Mobile

Best Sports Games to Bet on Your Mobile

It surely won’t be too challenging for you to find a mobile sports game to bet on in 2022. Today, almost every sports betting site endeavors to offer a mobile version of their site to their players. Below, we have listed the best mobile sports games to bet on.

Football Betting

When it comes to sports betting the first sports that you will think of will most probably be football, also known as soccer. Football is certainly the most well-known sport all around the world and is played during all four seasons.

So, it shouldn’t surprise you that placing bets on football matches is as attractive as always at the moment considering we have the newly finished Euro Cup and the continuing seasons for the English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, and the Bundesliga among many.

Basketball Betting

We have placed basketball in second place on our list as it can be considered the second most popular sport played and bet on international scale. Although it is a relatively new sport, having been invented in 1891, it has rapidly gained its place among the top sports to bet on.

As far as we know billions of dollars are bet on the NBA only every year. The number increases drastically when we count some bigger basketball events, such as the March Madness for NCAA basketball.

Baseball Betting

Baseball is commonly called “America’s Pastime” and it is one of the most beloved sports in the United States. It was invented around the 1840s and has been played since then. Now, the most prestigious baseball league in the world is Major League Baseball (MLB), which includes 30 teams in total - 29 in the US and 1 in Canada.

You will find plenty of games to bet on in Major League Baseball as each team is expected to play 162 games during a typical season.

Horse Racing Betting

Horse racing is considered to be the sport of kings in many cultures. It includes two or more horses ridden by jockeys over a predetermined distance for contest. Although there have been many other types of races involving animals competing, such as pig racing and dog racing, horses take the lead when it comes to the industry of betting.

Nowadays, it is nearly unmanageable to encounter a mobile sportsbook that does not have horse racing as a sport to bet on.

Best Sports Games to Bet on Your Mobile
All You Need to Know about Mobile Sports Betting Odds

All You Need to Know about Mobile Sports Betting Odds

We cannot put enough emphasis on the importance of knowing how to read betting odds. It is an essential step to take if you want to bet in a smart way. It allows you to find out what is the probability of an outcome happening and what the possible prize you may be receiving.

You may think that it is arduous to understand how odds in betting work at first, but the tips and tricks we have listed below should make the process easier for you and help you gain an edge.

Remember that the numbers represent completely different things based on what system the betting site is adopting. To begin with, you will encounter three main ways that betting odds are presented: moneyline odds, fractional odds, and decimal odds.

Moneyline Odds

This version of odds is common in the United States. To put it simply, a moneyline bet involves you choosing one of the teams to win the game.

The number followed by the minus sign (-) indicates the amount you need to wager to win $100 whereas the number accompanied with the plus sign (+) indicates the amount you will win if you stake $100.

Fractional Odds

These types of odds are commonly known as British odds. They are presented as fractions, hence the name - fractional odds. Examples could be 3-1 or 7-4.

You can count your profit by multiplying your bet amount by the fraction. For example, if you bet $10 with 3-1 odds you will receive a $30 profit plus your initial wager, $10 in this case.

Decimal Odds

These odds are displayed as one number, which is the sum you will receive if you wager $1. Let’s say you bet $1 on an odd listed as 6, you will receive $5 profit and your initial $1 bet.

All You Need to Know about Mobile Sports Betting Odds
Best Mobile Bookmakers

Best Mobile Bookmakers

In 2022, it is very rare to find a bookmaker sports betting that does not offer some type of mobile-friendly alternative. Although many bookmakers do not provide players with dedicated sports betting apps, almost every online mobile bookmaker makes sure that they have a mobile compatible website.

Below, we have listed the best mobile betting sites that offer their players a wide range of promotional deals and bonuses:

  1. 22Bet: Mobile users can have access to the mobile-optimized form of 22Bet’s online sports betting site or they can download the 22Bet app on Apple iOS or Android which includes the full functionality of the site.
  2. Betsson: Betsson offers a seamless mobile betting experience that is an excellent substitute for their website for desktops. You can also enjoy amazing visuals and sophisticated functionality if you download the app.
  3. Casumo: Casumo is one of the best options if you are looking for placing sports bets on the go. It is easy to bet on sports via your mobile phone or tablet thanks to Casumo’s great mobile-friendly website. You also have the opportunity to download the app from App Store or Google Play.
  4. ComeOn: You don’t have a downloadable app provided by ComeOn, but as the website is fully mobile-optimized you find all the features the main desktop website includes.
  5. Betsafe: Betsafe offers both a mobile-friendly website and a mobile app that performs flawlessly. On the mobile app, you will find the same betting options and tools as you have on the desktop version.
Best Mobile Bookmakers
The Best Mobile Sports Betting Sites

The Best Mobile Sports Betting Sites

Sports betting using your mobile phone is usually quite simple and straightforward. To begin with, you need to look for online sportsbooks that are mobile compatible or have the app version. Then, you should ensure that they are secure and reliable. You can go ahead and check out our reviews for the top mobile bookmakers listed above.

Once you find the best sportsbook websites' app, you can proceed to download the app and sign up for the bookmaker. After signing up, you need to deposit some money using the deposit methods offered by the bookmaker.

Then, all you need to do is find a sports event that you prefer and put bets on an outcome by using the deposit you just made. Remember to check out the odds before completing a bet.

Betting on sports with your mobile is often a smooth experience as bookmakers are very precise in developing user-friendly apps nowadays. Some players even think that the quality of apps developed today are higher than most of the sports betting websites for desktops.

Also, it is incredibly comfortable to bet using a mobile phone considering you can do it even in your bed. In the end, it is still a matter of personal preference.

The Best Mobile Sports Betting Sites
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