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Esports betting is the new gambling craze in town. Thousands of virtual matches are played every day, with bookies offering lucrative odds. These online multiplayer games aren't just fun to play, but they are definitely worth watching as well. We know it is not always easy to keep up with the ever-changing trends in the world of betting.

So here we will help you navigate through the trend of eSports betting and place your first-ever eSports bet. There is also enough information on analyzing odds and placing bets at the very best esport betting sites. Get ready to learn!

How Video Gaming and Online Betting Compare

How Video Gaming and Online Betting Compare

As a gaming enthusiast, have you ever found yourself torn between the world of video games and online betting? Do you ever wonder how these two popular forms of entertainment compare? Video gaming has revolutionized the way we interact with technology by providing captivating narratives and thrilling gameplay. On the other hand, online betting has become a major player in the entertainment industry, offering the thrill of placing bets and the potential for lucrative wins.

Twitch Bans Live Streamers from Advertising Skin Betting Sites

Twitch Bans Live Streamers from Advertising Skin Betting Sites

Esports betting has become a massive phenomenon among traditional sports betting fans. This betting type allows bettors to predict the outcomes of Esports matches like Valorant, CS:SO, Dota 2, and more.

LOOT.BET Expanding To New Markets

LOOT.BET Expanding To New Markets

LOOT.BET, arguably, one of the best eSports betting sites, is scaling to greater heights after React Gaming Group acquired its parent company, Livestream Gaming Inc. Just months after the acquisition of Livestream Gaming Inc., LOOT. BET's parent company, React Gaming Group is keen on expanding to new markets.

2022 eSports Most Anticipated Events

2022 eSports Most Anticipated Events

eSports betting has cemented its position in sports betting online over the last few years. The Covid pandemic fueled the growth, which interrupted mainstream sporting events, leaving punters limited betting options. There are numerous eSports events scheduled for early 2022, which will present numerous opportunities for professional sports betting. Some of the best eSports events 2022 worth looking out for are highlighted below.

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What is esports betting?

First things first, what is esports betting? Well, esports is any type of video gaming competition played between teams or individuals. The main difference with traditional video gaming is that players compete against themselves in esports instead of the computer system. So, basically, there’s no meaningful difference between esports betting and traditional betting. Just that this time, staking is on virtual competitions like car racing, horse racing, football, PUBG, etc.

Interestingly, esports gambling traces its roots back to the 40s when the first video game saw the light. Later in the 50s, Tennis for Two was introduced as the first competitive virtual gameplay.

After that, things continued to explode for esports, with excellent players getting recognized in the 80s. More esports competitions were introduced following the rise of internet technology and PC gaming in the 90s, thanks to games like Doom, StarCraft, Tetris, etc. Today, esports is a mainstay in the gambling industry.

How to bet on esports

As said, betting on esports is pretty similar to traditional betting. However, the betting markets can differ a little bit. For example, players can stake on the team or individual who makes the first kill in games like League of Legends, PUBG, or Counter Strike. Another common esports betting market is the map winner, where players stake on a team or individual who wins a particular map.

As for the betting odds, everything remains unchanged with esports. Bookies know that esports attract international audiences. As such, they use the American, Decimal, and Fractional odds. So, depending on where you’re betting from, learn how to read the odds first. Fortunately, that’s what you’ll be learning next.

How to read esports betting odds

Esports betting odds reflect the probability of a match outcome and what the bettor stands to win on each market. Like in traditional betting, lower odds in esports represent the match favorites, with the team with longer odds being the underdog. Note, however, that the odds can be deceiving.

So, assuming two esports teams have +200 and -200 Moneyline odds, respectively. In that case, it means bettors can win $200 if they bet $100 for the underdog (+200 odds). This makes the total win to be $300 plus the initial stake. On the other hand, players can win $100 if they stake $200 on the hot favorite (-200 odds). So, again, the total profit, if the favored team wins, is $300.

Meanwhile, Decimal odds are prevalent in Europe, Asia, and Africa. In fact, this is the easiest odds to read in the gambling world. Here, just multiply the odds by the stake to determine the potential win. So, suppose a bettor is backing a team with 4.2 odds and stakes $100, it means the possible win amount is $420.

Lastly, bettors in the UK and Ireland are pretty familiar with Fractional odds. Like Decimal odds, these odds are simple to comprehend. For instance, when backing a team with 5/1 odds and you stake $100, the potential return is $500 (5x$100/). Just multiply the top digit by the stake and then divide the outcome by the lower number.

The best Esports betting websites

The thing is that esports betting is common in most sportsbooks. However, some bookies offer way more markets and better odds than others. Apart from these two, below are some of the things to consider when choosing an esports bookie:

The game variety: In esports betting, the more, the merrier. That’s because there are many esports competitions apart from Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2. Although these two games offer more betting markets on most gambling sites, some operators add in titles like League of Legends, Fortnite, PUBG, and more.

Security and safety: Naturally, all bettors want to play on a gambling site where their personal information and funds are secure. If you’re one of them, make sure a legal body licenses the betting site. Also, a safe betting site should use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption to protect player data. To know this, check if the website URL has a padlock icon at the start.

  • Safe and fast payouts: When joining the world of esports betting, the original idea is to make profits and cash out as soon as possible. So, the best betting sites must processes deposits and withdrawals quickly enough. However, it’s uncommon to find instant withdrawals.
  • Live betting: Live or in-play betting must rank high on your checklist if you want the ultimate esports betting experience. Usually, live professional tournaments feature thrilling action and high-octane drama. So, use your analytical skills to make a kill.
  • Customer support: Does the esports betting site offer live chat support? If not, are they readily available via phone, email, or social media? Plus, what is their reputation among players? Answer these queries before choosing a betting site.

How Esports betting bonuses work?

Like traditional online betting bonuses, esports betting bonuses are rewards given to bettors by the sportsbook. Typically, the bookie will give out bonuses to new players who create an account successfully. In addition, loyal players also get a wealth of bonuses after meeting specific conditions.

That said, new players may need to deposit a minimum amount to claim the bonus reward. But that isn’t always true, as some bookies will activate the bonus immediately without asking for a deposit.

Either way, read the esports bonus terms carefully before claiming it. Also, some bookies may need players to enter a bonus code to activate it.

As for loyal players, the bookie may offer occasional deposit bonuses and cashback. In other words, you must do something first to get this bonus. For example, the oddsmaker might decide to refund a certain percentage of the total weekly or monthly bet amount.

All in all, esports betting bonuses are beneficial to both the player and the operator. With a crowded online betting space, the bookies will certainly make do with an attractive welcome offer. As for the player, the chance to get a freebie from the usually stingy bookies is a welcome addition.

Esports betting tips and tricks

For a beginner, betting on esports may seem intimidating at first. Well, that’s probably true, considering esports betting requires some commitment and hard work to cut it.

Having said that, you’ll be setting yourself up for failure if you don’t know anything about top-tier esports games. So, make it your business to research something about StarCraft, League of Legends, Dota 2, and other titles. If possible, play the games first before betting on a game.

After familiarizing yourself with the games, proceed to create a gambling budget. Creating a gambling budget is a tried and tested technique that keeps bettors gambling for longer without going overboard. It’s advisable to divide the bankroll into smaller units to avoid blowing it all on a single esports bet. Remember, nothing guaranteed in the gambling industry

Lastly and even more importantly, don’t bet with emotions. Instead, learn to time the play and when to throw in the towel. In most cases, betting is about luck. Therefore, some days can be good or bad than others. Simply put, don’t chase losses or stake the entire loot with the hope of sending the bookie to the cleaners.

Responsible gambling

To be a successful gambler, embracing responsible gambling isn’t an option. It means that taking complete control of your betting sessions is a must.

As said above, a betting budget and timing your play will go a long way towards regulating your time at the sportsbook. Also, know when to quit or seek help if you feel that gambling addiction is catching up with you. And above all, treat betting as a pastime activity and not a profession.

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