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The Best Betting Sites for Tennis

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Tennis is an extremely popular sport, being in the top 5 most popular sports in the world and the second favorite sport in the UK. There is a long history of betting on tennis, almost as long as the all-time favorite of horse racing. In addition, there are loads of tennis leagues and grand slam competitions around the world, offering lots of chances for sports betting on an almost daily basis.

The Best Betting Sites for Tennis

Star players have become household names, and many people who like betting on sports will jump at the opportunity to bet on their favorite star players. The advent of online sports betting has made betting on this sport even more popular and more easily accessible for fans across the globe. There are many different markets to bet on including a host of pre-match and in-play live betting options as well as futures betting.

The Best Betting Sites for Tennis

Some of the best betting sites for betting on tennis can be found on Sites listed here are legitimate and trustworthy, holding licenses from the most respected licensing authorities in the world such as Curacao. This means they will keep their players' details and transactions secure, so players can feel free to place bets on their sites without any risks. 

Between them, they offer a presence in just about every corner of the world and have an extraordinary amount of languages to enable all people to understand the sites clearly. The sites also offer a wide range of payment options to allow easy access for all their players.

These online betting sites are available online and also via mobile apps with well designed, intuitive and easy to navigate sites that make placing bets a breeze. They offer some very attractive welcome bonuses that are relatively easy to benefit from as well as loyalty rewards for their established players. On these sites, players will find some of the best odds that are available in the industry with a 95% and upward payout percentage. The sites offer lots of different sports in addition to tennis, so there is something of interest to all sports betting fans.

Types of Popular Bets on Tennis

Tennis has become an extremely popular sport to bet on because of the vast options available for bettors. Also, being a game between 2 people (or 4 in doubles matches) makes it more exciting and possibly unpredictable, especially if one of the players gets an injury or is not playing as well as they usually play. Apart from the usual types of bets, tennis offers an incredible number of different betting opportunities in-play based on points, games and sets.

Moneyline Bets

These are the most simple bets and simply predict who will win the match or tournament. As there is usually a clear favorite, the odds for the favorite player to win are not favorable for a big payout, but are usually better than even money. However, if an underdog wins, it can be a profitable sport to bet on.

Game Spread (Handicap) Bets

Game spread betting is betting on how many games either of the 2 players will win in the match relative to each other. It is not based on who will win the match but on how the players will perform. Bettors have better odds of winning with these spread bets, especially when there is a clear favorite to win. 

Handicaps are given to the 2 players to 'even the playing field'. The final number of games won by each player will be adjusted by adding or subtracting the handicaps, and if bettors predicted correctly, they win.

Set Spread (Handicap) Bets

This kind of bet is very similar to game spreads but is done on the basis of sets won in a match. Again, because the playing field is leveled, bettors can get more favorable odds for winning. Even the least favorite player can be bet on to win one or two sets in a match, even if they don't win the match outright.

Over/Under Bets

This type of bet is wagering on the number of sets it will take for the game to be concluded. Bettors bet on whether there will be more (over) or less (under) sets than the bookies estimate for the match. Three set matches will always have an over/under line of 2.5 sets. Simply put, bets on over mean the match will last 3 sets. Bets under mean it will be a straight 2 sets win.

Sports Betting Tips

Tennis is a unique game and has some unique features that should be taken into account when deciding on who and where to place bets. First of all there is the surface to be played on, either hard, clay or grass. Each of these surfaces makes for a different type of play, and tennis players may be more talented on particular surfaces. 

As with all sports, players' statistics should be carefully studied to discover which aspects of the game that they excel in, whether it is how many break points they win, or number of unforced errors etc. Studying how players perform in particular circumstances can give bettors a greater chance of making profitable bets.

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